Pneumatic Soil Displacement Hammers soil displacement hammer

Soil Displacement Hammer

The Soil Displacement Hammer provides accurate horizontal bores beneath roads, railways without trenching the ground.

By boring with Soil Displacement Hammer , underground supply lines such as pipelines for gas, water, communication and engery cables can easly be furnished underground without any damage to the structures on the ground. Furthermore, daily life is not disturbed while operating.

– Our Soil Displacement Hammer rockets are manufactured in diameters of 77 mm, 97 mm, 132 mm, 160 mm, 190 mm and 240 mm. The diameter of the hole to be bored determines the diameter of the rocket to be purchased.

– The Ground Mole operates underground, moves in horizontal direction with forward and backward motion.

Soil Displacement Hammer soil displacement hammer

Soil Displacement Hammer

Start-Up, Depth And Target Determination Running

Pneumatic Soil Displacement Hammer soil displacement hammer

Pneumatic Soil Displacement Hammer

Soil Displacement Hammer ;

1. Minimum manpower is used in target determination and start up.

2. Depth Determination: The movement axis of the rocket should be in the depth (h) of 12-15 times of the diameter of the rocket.
3. The longer the distance to be bored, more sensitive the target determination is, therefore good observation and precise aligment is essential.
4. Distance to be bored : Distance to be bored depends on the appropriacy of the ground formation, the air temperature and the air pressure applied. In general use, a distance of 100 meters can be performed.
5. Starting plate is placed approximately 40 cm. away from the surface to be bored and is fixed on the ground in the direction of the arrow by means of four ground spikes.

6. Rocket is placed on the starting plate and tightened by means of roller bolt.

7. Target is determined.

8. For forward motion of the rocket the air hose is turned to the right, for backward motion of the rocket the air hose is turned to the left till the end.
9. It must be checked that the air hose is turned to the right while the rocket is on the starting plate. Otherwise, the gear part and the other moving parts of the roller can be damaged.
10. Air feeding valve is openned half until the rocket leaves the plate completely and then the valve is fully openned.
11. Boring speed is 5-10 meters/hour in average in a soil or clay formation when the air pressure is

87 PSI – 6 Bars .

12. To remove the rocket from the bore: The plate is removed, the air feeding valve is closed and the air hose is turned to the left till end. Then, the air feeding valve is openned and the rocket starts moving back.

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